Geberit AquaClean 8000plus Shower Toilet

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Geberit AquaClean 8000plus wall mounted shower toilet for concealed and modern wall hung design. Showering and drying functions. Remote and hands-free control. READ MORE
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Product Description


The Geberit AquaClean 8000plus leaves nothing to be desired and offers many extra pampering functions in addition to the shower function: the spray temperature and intensity can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences.

The pulsating massage function has an invigorating effect, while the soft lady wash is ideal for ensuring gentle personal hygiene for women.

As soon as you sit down on the shower toilet, the automatic odour extraction function switches on, creating a pleasant ambience of freshness in the room.

After the spray has finished, the integrated warm-air dryer dries you off in comfort.

The final practical touch: all functions can be individually adjusted and your preferences saved via remote control.

  • A WC complete solution for maximum comfort
  • Full and smooth water spray
  • Adjustable water spray pressure and temperature
  • Massage spray, lady wash and oscillating spray functions
  • Odour extraction for a fresh bathroom environment
  • Gently drying warm-air dryer
  • Individually adjustable remote control
  • Soft-closing and soft-stop-opening seat and lid

Pleasant water spray
A full, smooth water spray washes you clean at the touch of a button while you are sitting on the toilet. The temperature and intensity of the spray can easily be adjusted using the control panel on the side.

Oscillating spray
The jet of pure water alone provides exceptional cleaning quality. Pamper yourself with the Geberit AquaClean 8000plus oscillating spray: the even movement of the spray arm backwards and forwards ensures a particularly thorough clean.

Massage spray
The pulsating massage spray is beneficial and invigorating at the same time. It has a stimulating effect and provides a new sense of well-being.

Lady wash
A woman's intimate areas are delicate. The gentle jet of water from the lady wash provides an extremely careful and pleasant clean.

Odour extraction
The highly efficient odour extraction function starts up as soon as you sit down. Unpleasant odours scarcely have time to circulate in the room - and you can enjoy a beneficial sensation of freshness with all your senses.

Warm-air dryer
You won't have to resort to paper anymore to dry off after using using the shower function. The powerful warm-air dryer adds the finishing touch to your personal well-being programme.

Individual settings
Every user feels different. That is why all functions are fully adjustable, from the position of the spray arm to the water temperature and pressure, right through to the dryer. And you don't have to reset everything again every time - simply use the remote control to save up to four user profiles.

Soft-closing and soft-stop-opening mechanisms
The Geberit AquaClean 8000plus is equipped with a soft-closing and soft-stop-opening mechanism, special dampeners gently and quietly cushion the impact of the toilet seat and lid as it is closing.

Simple operation
Operation is easy. Either press the operating buttons on the side or use the remote control, which also enables you to call up your personal profile.

User identification and energy-saving function
Thanks to the integrated user identification function, the water starts heating up automatically as soon as you approach the WC. All Geberit AquaClean products also comply with the requirements of the European Ecodesign Directive (ErP Directive) and, thanks to the integrated energy-saving function, they consume a minimal amount of energy even in standby mode.

Automatic nozzle cleaning
The shower nozzle is automatically rinsed with fresh water before and after every use, so it is always kept clean.

Easy WC cleaning
The toilet seat and lid can easily be removed for cleaning. The refined ceramic surface is dirt-resistant, making it particularly easy to maintain.

Please Note:
To install the AquaClean 8000plus you will also need to purchase:

  • Geberit 1.12m Duofix WC Frame with UP320 for Disabled WC (Product Code: 111.352.00.5)
  • Geberit Flush Plate for the UP320 Duofix Frame, there are many to choose from. Examples include: Bolero Dual Flush Plate Chrome (Product Code: 115.777.21.1) or Sigma01 Dual Flush Plate Gloss Chrome (Product Code: 115.770.21.5)
  • Geberit Reinforced Hose for Connecting Wall Hung WC (Product Code: 241.819.00.1)


Standard manufacturer 3 year warranty:

  • Year 1, 2 & 3: Parts and labour

Registering your warranty:

  • You must return your Warranty Card to Geberit in order to activate the warranty within 90 days of delivery in order to be eligible.

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Geberit AquaClean 8000plus Shower Toilet

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Geberit AquaClean 8000plus wall mounted shower toilet for concealed and modern wall hung design. Showering and drying functions. Remote and hands-free control.

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