Company overview

Granberg are specialists in creating rise and fall systems for the home, such as kitchen worktop lifts, wall cabinet lifts and washbasin lifts.

Fundamental to the Granberg ideal is the combination of quiet motors and discreet styling, granting access for all users in modern, stylish designs.

We're proud to be the leading Granberg distributor in the UK, and continue to provide our customers with beautifully designed height adjustable solutions.


  • Height Adjustable Kitchen

  • Worktop Lift and Wall Cabinet

  • Washbasin Lift


  • The Granberg Kitchen Assortment

  • Verti 830/831 - Vertical Wall Cabinet Lift

  • Diago 504 - Diagonal Wall Cabinet Lift

  • Baselift 6200 - Wall Mounted Worktop Lift

  • Centerlift+ 970 - Kitchen Island Lift

  • Butler 720 - Wardrobe Rail Lift