Pressalit Care

Company overview

Pressalit Care are an internationally renowned manufacturer of specialist bathroom products, designed to make washing and bathing easier for all users and carers.

Their innovative wall track system creates the most flexible bathroom adaptations, allowing items such as shower seats and support arms to be moved independently in both a horizontal and vertical direction.

They also manufacture specialist rise and fall washbasin and toilet solutions, as well as nursing benches and changing tables for the carer market.

We're proud to offer the full range of Pressalit Care products to our customer base in the UK and Ireland.


  • The PLUS Range - Overview

  • The PLUS Range - The Shower Area

  • The PLUS Range - At the Toilet


  • PLUS - The Flexible Bathroom

  • SELECT - Making Daily Care Easier

  • VALUE - Functional Bathroom Solutions

  • MATRIX - Wash Basins for any Situation

  • Nursing Benches

  • Changing Tables