Walk-in Baths - One Piece Shower Door

Installed example of Artweger Twinline 2 AIR Walk-in Bath with a seated user

The TWINLINE walk-in combination shower/baths by Artweger of Austria, a renowned name throughout Europe for “The fine Art of bathing”. These baths are for alcove and corner installations.

Shared functions and advantages:

  • Choice of lengths: 1600, 1700 and 1800mm
  • Mechanical door lock
  • Left and right shower areas
  • Optional Art-GRIP anti-slip coating for the shower area (Not AIR)
  • Optional chrome filler and overflow
  • Door and frame finishes - silver metal or the popular High-gloss metal
  • Optional ARTCLEAR glass coating
  • AIR, the other kind of Whirlpool
  • 2x LED lights with 7x colours
  • White plastic skirts
  • Tilling substrate for adding your own finish
  • Contemporary Clear, Anthracite and Bordeaux glass surrounds
  • Artweger TWINLINE 1:

  • Luxury P-shaped walk-in shower/bath
  • Widths: 950/750mm and 1000/800mm
  • Curved one-piece shower door, 6mm thick clear safety glass
  • Step-in height 180mm with AIR
  • Walk-in height 70mm without AIR
  • Artweger TWINLINE 2 (Image and Video above):

  • Luxury rectangular walk-in shower/bath
  • Widths: 750 and 800mm
  • Straight 8mm thick clear safety glass one-piece shower door
  • Step-in height 180mm with AIR
  • Walk-in height 55mm without AIR
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