Granberg Modular Worktops, Sinks and Hobs

Granberg Height Adjustable Modular Worktops, Sinks and Hobs

A new concept, a whole new generation of flexible height adjustable modular worktops. These complete kitchen worktop modules are available in set widths to suit 800 to 3000mm spaces, making space planning and interior design easier.

The modules are available in several configurations - motorised lift for wall or floor-mounting or the manually hand cranked lift for wall-mounting only.

The modular worktops come complete an ALU-design easy to use up/down control button, key lock, cover panels, facia front trim, worktop, sink, tap and flexible feeds and waste. The electrically height adjusted worktops are equipped with reliable safety stop systems that ensure safe operation without risk of pinching or crushing.

White powder coated front facia, 30mm White laminate K1040 Un worktop décor, pre-glued undermounted shallow bowl sinks. Several modules feature a hob space cut-out to your custom dimensions.

Several modules feature a stainless steel worktop, shallow bowl sinks with drying area and hob spaces factory cut to your dimensions.

These hard wearing and stylish modular adapted worktops are assembled by the Swedish manufacturer Granberg. Ideal for new or existing domestic kitchens, retirement homes, schools, pre-schools and hospitals.

Any of the modules can be integrated with kitchens from any other manufacturer.

All of Granberg products have been risk analysed and are CE approved.

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