Granberg Baselift Corner 6301/6311 - 45° Front Edge, 90° Corner at the Wall

Granberg Baselift 6301/6311 Corner Worktop Lift, Wall mounted installed example

These corner worktop lifts feature a 45° front edge, and a 90° corner at the wall.

The 6301 model is wall mounted, the 6311 is a floor mounted model.

The HA model has a front height of 103mm, making it suitable for a cooking hob, sink, drawer and large ALU-design control buttons.

The LA model is a slimline alternative with a front height of 40mm, suitable for worktops, cooking hob and Mini control buttons.

The Plusmodules connect to the Baselift corners, to extend the width of each side of the worktop as desired.

Maximum overall size with 2x Plusmodules: 3445x3445mm

Corner Worktop Life Plan 6301/6311

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