Granberg Manulift 6380HA / LA - Manual Height Adjustable Worktops

Granberg Manulift 6380H Manual Gas Assisted Worktop Lift

These manual brackets are designed to create rise and fall worktops. Rather than the fully electric operation of our other lifts, these systems are a more cost-effective way of achieving height adjustments.

The Granberg Manulift has a innovative built-in gas spring in the support leg to facilitate height adjustment, with a locking pin within each leg for easier up and down adjustment. Designed for occasional adjustments; if you are requiring daily adjustments, please see the Granberg 6350H manual cranked winding handle or Baselift / Sidelift electric systems.

Height adjustable range of 300mm, in increments of 25mm. The built-in gas spring in the support legs facilitates height adjustment, with a locking pin.

The Manulift can be upgraded to electric operation by replacing the legs and fitting a safety stop and control switch.

The HA model has a front height of 103mm, making it suitable for sinks and drawers.

The LA model is a slimline alternative with a front height of 40mm, suitable for worktops and hobs.

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