Granberg Sidelift 6400 Worktop Lifts and Combi Modules

Granberg Sidelift 6400 Height Adjustable Worktop Lift with Integrated Cabinets

The Granberg Sidelift 6400 is a straight floor mounted, motorised worktop lift custom made to your width between 990-3290mm. With brackets, hanging cabinets can be fitted with safety stop panels below the entire lift or leaving zones for the sink and hob. A truly flexible solution, retaining cupboard space otherwise lost when installing a height adjustable worktop lift.

With powerful motors (400kg lifting power) located at either end working steplessly adjust the worktop quickly and quietly to the desired working height between 700-1000mm excluding worktop. The lift is equipped with a reliable safety system that guarantees safe operation without any risk of crushing on the bottom front edge and with safety panels mounted below the hanging cabinets.

The Sidelift creates an ergonomic kitchen workspace which everyone can use comfortably. The motors take up minimal space. There is ample room for pan storage, cutlery and waste disposal in the hanging cabinets.

Choice of 3 finishes, White, RAL 9003. Anthracite, RAL 9004 and Black, RAL 9005 with White hanging cabinets.

The Combi modules are complete systems with a double shallow bowl sinks and a hob cut out.

Offered with a choice of 30mm white laminate worktop, stainless steel or without a worktop allowing you to fit your own.

As your needs change, the cabinets can be easily removed to provide more space below the worktop.

The cabinets can be re-mounted just as easily, without tools.

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