Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Sinks

Granberg ES35 Stainless Steel Inset or Under-mount Kitchen Sink

Whether you are adapting or fitting a new kitchen, our range of shallow bowl kitchen sinks are compliant with a shallow depth for accessible building regulations. An essential part of an adaptive kitchen.

All Granberg's Ergosteel ES wheelchair accessible sinks have a reduced 120mm sink bowl depth. Designed to fit our range of manual and electric worktop lifting systems: Baselift HA, Sidelift 6400 and Manulift HA. Electric island lifts: Centerlift 960H and Centerlift 6490H.

All these sinks allow for easier access for wheelchair users due to the increased space under the sink bowl.

Installation options include inset, under-mount, or the countertop versions which negate the need for a worktop altogether. Several are available as mini-kitchen worktops with a stainless steel counter top, sink and a custom hob cut-out as one complete unit.

An insulation pad is a Building Regulation requirement to prevent scalding of users with reduced sensitivity in their legs.

We have developed a 6mm neoprene flame proof sink insulation pad that can be retrofitted to existing kitchen sinks, available in two sizes 300x400mm and 500x500mm.

The Ropox single bowl sinks are available in two depths 100mm or 135mm.

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