Brexit – The implications on Import and Export to Ireland:

Following the United Kingdoms withdrawal from the European Union, unavoidable surcharges and customs duties are being applied to import and export goods.

Currently, we are only been charged import duties to the UK by Pressalit, hence we have set our web shop as email for price. The customs charge is a one off fee in addition to shipping costs, which we are unable to build into the product prices.

The cost of exporting goods from England to Northern Ireland are prohibitive along with the time required to process the forms and paperwork.

We have quickly found this is not economical or sustainable and we have taken the decision to only supply the following brands which are shipped from the EU to EU as follows:

  • - Northern Ireland: Granberg, Pressalit and Artweger

Note: Pressalit are still charging a customs fee for orders sent to Northern Ireland, which is beyond our control.

  • - Republic or Ireland: Granberg and Artweger

The above policy will be reviewed, when the processes we are required to comply with have been simplified.

Independent 4 Life Limited

Date: 08.02.2021

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