Granberg Baselift 6300HA / 6310HA Height Adjustable Worktop Lifts

Granberg Baselift 6300HA Rise and Fall Worktop Lift

The Baselift 6300HA and 6310HA are electric rise and fall worktop lifts by renowned Swedish manufacturer Granberg.

Their innovative compartment frame design allows for the installation of facia fronts and accessories. The 6300HA and 6310HA series are particularly suited for kitchen sinks and drawers due to their increased 103mm frame height.

Each worktop lift is custom made to the exact size you require, and comes with a choice of push button or remote control. They also include an integrated safety stop strip which prevents the downward motion of the lift in the event of an obstruction.

The Plusmodules are used to extend the worktop lifts beyond their normal length. They offer all the same benefits of the lifts in terms of compartment frame design, allowing you to mount facias and accessories as desired. The Plusmodules are also useful for space planning, as the legs of the lift can be positioned in such a way to avoid wall obstructions.

Granberg Baselift HA with Plusmodule

Supplement with Plusmodule if you need a lift longer than 2400mm
The division should be as close to the middle as possible for even distribution of the motors

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